Rusty Eye release “Las Persianas” Music Video

Rusty Eye “Las Persianas” [Cafe Tacuba cover]
Album: Saca el Cobre (2014)

A production by Spiderland
Director: Gabriel Govela
Producers: Alejandro Ordoñez y Gabriel Govela
Photography Director: Fito Pardo, AMC.
Line Producer: Roberto Jimenez
Shot in La Colonia Roma, Mexico City. Mexico. 03/09/2014
Thanks to: Pablo Güisa Koestinger, Memo Clemente, Gabriel Pacheco y toda la banda que fué a la peda en “Los Balcones”

Rusty Eye at the Down n Out Review

Metal Assault

By Andrew Bansal

May 26th 2014, Down & Out Bar, Los Angeles CA: Based out of Atlantic City NJ, metal quartet Hammer Fight are currently on a US tour and made their way to Los Angeles to headline Metal Monday at the Down & Out Bar in DTLA last night, along with local support acts Panties and Rusty Eye. Put together by prolific local metal promoters Church Of The 8th Day and Thee Static Age, the show promised an entertaining Monday night out for supporters of the metal underground in the area.

Hollywood’s very own horror-themed progressive metal trio Rusty Eye originated in Mexico City in 1995 and transitioned to becoming an LA band a decade later while still keeping their roots intact. Of late, they went through some lineup instabilities but are now getting back into the groove by playing the occasional local gigs, with original drummer/vocalist Miss Randall returning on the kit. Here they played an 8-song set consisting of three covers off of the latest Rusty Eye album ‘Saca El Cobre’, their all-covers tribute to a selection of Mexican music groups/artists, along with a few of their original tunes including a Spanish version of ‘Mr. Cannibal’. The covers are clearly targeted towards their Spanish-speaking fan base and for people unfamiliar with the original artists or the language, it’s a little hard to follow these tunes and takes a bit of getting used to. So for me, the original Rusty Eye tunes still stood out as the more enjoyable parts of the set, specially ‘Mr. Cannibal’ wherein Mr. Rust’s bass line is strongly reminiscent of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris, and ‘Mondo Cane’ in which guitarist Baron Murtland gets to express himself fully as the band lays into some proggy jamming. Performance-wise, all three members were solid but it was clear to me that they can reach higher levels if they play on a more regular basis. Rusty Eye is undoubtedly an intriguing band in its own unique, weird ways, and it’s be good to see them back playing shows again.

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RUSTY EYE Release New Album; Announce New Lineup


Hot Flashes


Hollywood metal band RUSTY EYE has released its new record Saca El Cobre, a hard rock and heavy metal homage to Mexican Rock En Español while saying farewell to longtime drummer, Miss Randall.With Saca El Cobre, Rusty Eye is paying homage to its Mexico City roots by covering songs of some of the most prolific Rock En Español bands from the late 80s and early 90s, all reinvented with Rusty Eye’s signature hard and heavy style. The album includes seven covers in Spanish from Mexico’s most notable Rock pioneers: CAIFANES, CUCA, CAFÉ TACUBA, FOBIA, AMANTES DE LOLA, MALDITA VECINDAD and TRANSMETAL. It also includes Rusty Eye’s hit single ‘Mr. Cannibal’ re-recorded in both English and Spanish.The release of the new album coincides with drummer Miss Randall pursuing new musical endeavors, having her throne filled by a session drummer for live concerts. As part of her farewell, Miss Randall will be participating with the album promotion, including music videos filmed in Mexico City, as well as some select live appearances.

Rusty Eye is constantly in a never-ending effort to top previous musical accomplishments. Pablo “Mr. Rust” Salido (Vocals/Bass) comments, “This marks the beginning of a new era, it’s not the first time we have adapted to changes made by our musical tendencies. Rusty Eye’s essence is based on the evolution of the music”. Tony “Baron” Murtland (Guitar) adds, “Our life’s journey is ever-changing, but we will always continue to reach new musical horizons.”

Rusty Eye’s new album Saca El Cobre was produced by Baron Murtland and mixed by Bill Metoyer (SLAYER, SACRED REICH, W.A.S.P), and marks a new production standard for the band. Saca El Cobre (“Bring out the copper”) is a Spanish saying that means: show your true self, defining the bands reinvention of these classic songs. This hard-hitting, high concept, cover album is a must for anyone who loves intricate hard metal!

Saca El Cobre limited edition CDs are now available at and digitally on most download and streaming services.

“Saca el Cobre” Album Released


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Hollywood’s eclectic power trio goes back to its Mexican roots and brings us unique versions of the great Rock en Español classics.

Just when we thought that the mighty metallers Rusty Eye could not do anything else anymore to surprise us, they return with their fourth album “Saca el Cobre” singing in Spanish for the first time in their career, bringing us their unique and disturbing take on the songs that paved Rock en Español’s way in Mexico in the years 1989 to 1992.

From Cuca‘s “Cara de Pizza” to Amantes de Lola‘s “Mamá”, to quintessential bands in the genre like Fobia, Caifanes, Café Tacuba and Maldita Vecindad, all of them transformed to Rusty Eye‘s bizarre style that includes a bit of Thrash, Punk, Death, Black, Stoner and Prog. Masterfully alternating the vocal work of Miss Randall, on her last album with Rusty Eye since she’s pursuing a solo career (she has never sounded so sensual like she does on “Perdí Mi Ojo De Venado”), with Mr. Rust‘s usual howls and guttural vocals, that bring back to life underground classics such as Transmetal‘s “El Infierno de Dante”. Always accompanied by the proficient guitarist Baron Murtland. Certainly we will never listen to Mexican rock the same way we did. As the icing on the cake we also get the remake of “Sr. Cannibal”, the Spanish version of “Mr. Cannibal”, a staple from this talented band.

Carlos Carreño
Radio Anahuac 1670 AM


El ecléctico power trio avecindado en Hollywood retoma sus raíces mexicanas y nos brinda su peculiar version de los grandes clásicos del rock nacional.

Cuando creíamos que los poderosos metaleros de Rusty Eye no podrían sorprendernos más; regresan con su cuarto larga duración “Saca el Cobre” donde no solo por primera vez en su carrera cantan en español, sino que ademas nos presentan su particular y perturbadora versión de las canciones que abrieron el camino al Rock en México en los años del 89 al 92.

Desde “Cara de Pizza” de Cuca hasta “Mamá” de Los Amantes de Lola, pasando por imprescindibles agrupaciones como Fobia, Caifanes y Café Tacuba y Maldita Vecindad, todas ellas aderezadas con su estrambótico estilo que comprende un poco de Thrash, Punk, Death, Black, Stoner y Prog, alternando de forma magistral la labor vocal de Miss Randall en su ultimo disco con Rusty Eye ya que perseguirá una carrera en solitario, (nunca ha sonado tan sensual Perdí Mi Ojo De Venado) así como Mr. Rust con sus habituales aullidos y guturales que le dan vida a clásicos subterráneos como “El Infierno de Dante” de Transmetal, acompañados siempre de la eficiente guitarra de Baron Murtland, ciertamente nunca escucharemos al rock Mexicano de la misma manera. Como cereza en el pastel viene el tema “Sr. Caníbal”, la versión en Español de “Mr. Cannibal”, estandarte de esta talentosa banda.

Carlos Carreño
Radio Anahuac 1670 AM

Rusty Eye’s new spanish version of Mr. Cannibal from forthcoming album out on benefit compilation to help hurricane victims




As part of an initiative to help people affected by the hurricanes “Ingrid” and “Manuel”, producer Lynn Fainchtein gathered a group of Latin musicians and singers to make three albums with previously unreleased songs.

Under the name “Acuérdate” (“Remember”), the three albums collect songs from various Latin artists.

“After the terrible storms devastated Mexico, it occurred to me that I could invite all my musician friends to give me a song and make a record for the Red Cross, I am happy to have compiled 3 discs with 46 songs, “said Lynn.

Fainchten explained that all the money from the 46 unreleased songs will go to the Red Cross, “we are eager to help get the money to the people that need it”, not just in Guerrero but of all affected populations.

About the songs in the albums, Lynn said “there are a couple of songs made specifically for the album, others were shelved waiting. The idea was to make it fast and easy. Unreleased songs that could make the discs in less than two weeks

“The Red Cross will decide how to use the money, as it does with all other donations” said the producer. “Casete Mexico” and all the artists involved will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to the Red Cross.

The disks green, red and blue will be released on 10/22/2013 on iTunes and Google Play. Individual songs will be available on 11/05/2013. And on 11/22/2013 they will be streaming platforms Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Grooveshark.

“They say that music heals, hopefully these songs can give some relief to those who need it” Lynn Fainchtein.


Blue Album:

1-María Bonita – Alejandro González Iñárritu
2. Ser feliz – Julieta Venegas
3. Por una cabeza – Cuarteto Latinoamericano
4. Árbol adentro – Monocordio
5. El amor de mi vida – Alfonso André
6. Qué bonita (Zita) – Carla Morrison
7. Vertientes (María del Mar)- Torreblanca
8. Mura – D. Herrera, E. Toussaint, A. André
9. Y buscarte – Líber Terán e Iñaki
10. La Morena – La Santa Cecilia
11. El negro de tus ojos – Andrés Almeida
12. Colmena demo – Ely Guerra
13. Dime dónde- Gian Marco
14. Gran amistad – Miranda
15. Te vas – Sweet Menta
16. Te seguiré- Mariana Vega / Los Amigos Invisibles
17. Tic Tac – Elis Paprika

Red Album:

1. María Bonita – Dolores Heredia
2. Alas – Ximena Sariñana
3. A la marcha – Amandititita
4. Por la calle – Ceci Bastida
5. Villian chillin – Toy Selectah Feat. Rey Pila
6. 1, 2, 3 – La Banda Bastön
7. Voces de un mismo lugar – Quiero Club y Centavrvs
8. Panorama – Dapuntobeat
9. Banana y Parachute – Mexican Dubwiser
10. Yo te amo – P3culiar
11. Tirando pary – Chico Sonido
12. Mexican Mafia – Super Chilangos ft. De Nalgas
13. America – Gush Doctor
14. Last Rave – Ezequiel

Green Album:

1. María Bonita – Diego Luna
2. Genetic – LeBaron
3. Como un tren – Goma
4. Ambar violeta – Cecilia Toussaint
5. ¿Pero Ahora En Dónde Estan? (Versión Demo) – Jumbo
6. Milagro Ordinario – Chetes
7. Cambiar – Songs for Eleanor
8. Naturalmente – Ella y El Muerto
9. Aprendiendo a olvidarla – Comisario Pantera
10. Esta es la ley – Sergio Arau
11. Suave – Liquits
12. Rebota – Ari Brickman
13. Un pato atrás – Silva de Alegría (Sergio Furland)
14. Solo un adiós – Andrés Cantisani
15. Sr. Caníbal – Rusty Eye