“11.02 Day of the Dead” on The Autopsy Report Radio Show, UK.

The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show 5th – 11th July 2010.
Manchester, UK.

Listen to Audio excerpt from the show:

This week’s playlist featuring Rusty Eye:

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Blood Revolt – Dead City Stare
Iniquitous – Reprisal Of The Ravaged
Remain – There Is No Tomorrow
My New Enemy – Cockmonster
Hostile Rage – Hell On Earth
Eyes Burnt Shut – Self Immolation
Austrian Death Machine – I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton
Circle Of Chaos – Flags Of Our Fathers
Revenant Dead – Shallow Grave
Maxdmyz – Lift Your Head
The Unravelling – Move Forward Until You Are Dead
Rusty Eye – 11.02 Day of the Dead
Disengorified – Chemical Tomb
Cradle Of Filth – Devil Woman
Kremation – Leave It To Cleaver
Purity In Pain – The Process
Hope To Find – The Grand Opening
Waysted Sylence – Annabelle Lee
SA Sanctuary – Culture Of Death
Lee Aaron – Metal Queen

Prepare to be dissected!

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