Noktorn. “Live at The Joint MMVI” Review

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Rusty Eye – Live At The Joint MMVI

It’s interesting to see a huge step up come in the form of a live album. That huge step up comes in the form of cohesion. Six years before this one, Rusty Eye released ‘Rust N’ Roll’, one of the weirdest combinations of heavy metal and garage rock that I’ve ever heard. With ‘Live At The Joint MMVI’, the band seems to have worked out all the kinks that plagued the previous album and made some music that’s both unusual and genuinely interesting to listen to. Continue reading

Noktorn. “Stendhal Syndrome” Review

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Rusty Eye – Stendhal Syndrome

Rusty Eye’s second album, following the trend of their previous live release, is yet another step up in quality for their catalog. ‘Stendhal Syndrome’, apart from the most basic structural level, is a completely different and completely improved beast when compared to their original 2000 LP, ‘Rust N’ Roll’. The motif is still the same: garage rock meets traditional metal with some prog elements, but the mixture is now steadier and better delivered than ever. It’s good to see a band moving up instead of down. Continue reading

Noktorn. “Rust n’ Roll” Review

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Rusty Eye – Rust N’ Roll

This isn’t bad if you look at it for what it is: a rock album with large heavy metal influences. I can’t say this is a full-fledged metal album; it’s more garage rock with some Iron Maiden CDs stocked away. It creates music with a weird sort of inner conflict, where the band is torn between rock minimalism and heavy metal complexity. You get these big heavy metal riffs and song structures jammed into this tiny rock-based space, and it creates a very interesting, if not entirely effective, sound. Continue reading