Metal Edge Magazine. Rusty Eye Feature

From Mexico, with Metal
Story: Charlie Steffens

Some people’s fascination with Hollywood has nothing to do movie stars
or bogus reality TV. The motivation for Rusty Eye bassist/vocalist Mr.
Rust and drummer/vocalist Ms. Randall to leave Mexico City and move to
Hollywood is a more inspiring story. While the metaphorical meaning of
Rusty Eye is something about the corrosion of perception, these two
musicians’ ambition has been clear-eyed. Both became U.S. citizens and
graduated from Musicians Institute, and while working day jobs,
continuously wrote and recorded new music, playing gigs on the fabled
Sunset Strip and in the other sordid clubs of Los Angeles. Along with
the guitarist Tony “The Baron” Murtland, this thrash/progressive power
trio is gaining recognition as a serious act, not just some band with a
hot-looking chick drummer. Continue reading