Tartarean Desire. “Stendhal Syndrome” Review

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Rusty Eye – Stendhal Syndrome self-released, 2006

written by John Boden

Rusty Eye first crawled onto the musical map in 1995, in Mexico City. A three piece influenced heavily by the European metal stylings of bands like Venom, Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost and Motorhead. That is from the first paragraph or so of their two page bio sheet. Stendhal Syndrome is their fourth full length, and I can say at the forefront it is a tighter, more mature Rusty Eye than on their debut, Rust N’ Roll. Before getting onto the business of actual music review, allow me to babble about some cool things about this band that have nothing to do with their sound. Continue reading

Metal Observer. “Live At The Joint MMVI” Review

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Rusty Eye – Live At The Joint MMVI (8,5/10) – USA – 2006

by Jonathan “Hell’s Unicorn”

Playing time: 26:07
Band homepage: Rusty Eye
Although the changes happening to this band were already in the works with the release of that curious little EP “Cryogenic”, the true Metal nature of this band first manifested itself on this rather interesting live album.  It is commonplace for Metal acts of most persuasions to really shine in the live venue as opposed to the studio, but seeing a band morph from a half-Metal, half-Rock act into something as aggressive as this before releasing a full studio album documenting the changeover is not so common.  It is, nonetheless, a unique way of introducing the new lineup and sound, which is befitting a band that has the dual disposition of being from Southern California and not being some hipster/Indie Rock outfit. Continue reading