Thrash Hits. “Possessor” Review

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Album: Rusty Eye – Possessor

rusty eye 2009 california band promo photo

Rusty Eye
30 June 2009

by Mark Eglinton

Now, I’m not one for exaggeration so you can take this as gospel truth; this emission by a three-piece out of Hollywood, California will be by some considerable margin the most unique sound you’ll hear anytime soon. Continue reading

The Chainsaw Mafia. Miss Randall interview

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Rusty Eye, music to the Mafia’s ears

Written by Mafia Staff Writer Tessara

Rusty Eye is a musical mesh of metal, progressive and horror. Originally from Mexico City the trio now calls Hollywood their home. With many records and an amazing video behind them, there’s no end in sight for their success. They recently worked with the iconic Claudio Simonetti, scorer of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and several Dario Argento films…

I got to talk to Rusty Eye’s extremely talented drummer/vocalist, Miss Randall, for a very informative Q&A…. Continue reading