BW&BK. RUSTY EYE Triumphantly Returns With Possessor; Launches Innovative, New Viral Video Performance Site

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Progressive, horror rock stalwarts RUSTY EYE have upped the ante of innovation once again creating the ultimate viral video site where the viewer can follow multi-camera angles of each band member separately performing each track off their new album Possessor, so head over now to to check it out. Continue reading

FearNet Interview: Digging Horror and Metal with Rusty Eye

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Exclusive: Digging Horror & Metal with Rusty Eye

by Gregory Burkart

Rusty Eye

One of the perks of this gig is meeting do-it-yourself artists whose love of all things dark, heavy and brutal is matched only by their innovative energy. There really aren’t as many of them out there as you’d imagine, so it’s a great day when you find a band that understands the connection of horror movies and heavy music down at the molecular level. The Hollywood-based trio known as Rusty Eye don’t just take the standard metal formula and graft horror lyrics and gore-drenched artwork onto it; they know exactly what the thrill of horror cinema feels like, and they’ve found a way to express it musically, capturing the exact same breathless feeling you got when you saw Suspiria, The Beyond or Evil Dead for the first time. Continue reading