Hollywood Music TV Canada. Miss Randall interview

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When I logged onto www.rustyeye.com I got possessed what a show you get to see Rusty Eye play live in a panoramic view for all the songs on their new CD Possessor this band is unique original one of a kind bursting full of energy and creativity. Once you are possessed you can order Rusty Eyes Merchandise and CD’s while watching the Band Play Live. We landed the sweet opportunity to interview Rusty Eye and got really indepth about Possessor tune in and listen!

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11.07.09 City of Devils: Zombie, Rusty Eye, Isle of the Damned

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I Want to be Disturbed

It’s time again for another installment of Brutal Cinema.  A double feature as always with the musical interlude being provided by thrashers RUSTY EYE.  Somehow a low-budget movie like Paranormal Activity cashes in even though I don’t think it ever changed my pulse rate.  Maybe when I was dozing off.  Suspense is OK, but only if the film makes you give a shit.  Gore films like these don’t tease.  They get under your skin, induce nausea, make you laugh, cause you to question humanity – all the good stuff.

Cosmos Gaming. Possessor music review

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Our Take

Rusty Eye certainly hasn’t followed the traditional band cycle.  Typically a group puts out a few demos before putting out their first EP or full length, but after putting out five demos Rusty Eye chose to debut with a live album.  In fact, their first studio album didn’t come out until 2000 which was five years after they originally formed.  The band is now on their third full length release Possessor, and although they have been through some lineup changes over the years the core group on this disc is the same as 2006’s Stendhal Syndrome.  And to put it quite simply, Possessor definitely has a unique sound that is enjoyable to listen to. Continue reading