“Possessor” Review

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Reviewed by buickmckane

“Possessor” by Rusty Eye pays homage to the past while maintaining its own identity. A heavy classic metal base, with goth and rock styles mixed in and occasional spook house sound effects, makes you want to throw on your denim vests. It’s not the most energetic release from the trio, but certainly a danceable and dark album. Continue reading

El Sercho. “Possessor” Review (English translation)

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Rusty Eye – Possessor

by Juan Martínez

Rusty Eye- PossessorEmerged from the gloomy Mexico City and based in Los Angeles, Rusty Eye is at a great moment in their career, and their album Possessor confirms this. Being recognized within the genre by an expanding legion of followers, this Mexican band comes forth with a distinguished metal background, their formation illuminated by a vast gamut of styles, such as Hard Rock, Thrash, Grindcore, Black Metal and Progressive Rock whose echoes make clear impact within their 2009 production. Continue reading

El Sercho. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye – Possessor

Por Juan Martínez

Rusty Eye- PossessorSalidos de la tenebrosa Ciudad de México y radicados en Los Angeles, Rusty Eye se halla en un gran momento de su carrera, y el álbum Possessor lo confirma. Reconocidos en el ámbito por una legión de seguidores cada vez más creciente, esta agrupación mexicana carga un ilustre bagaje metalero, con una formación que ha sido iluminada por una amplia gama de corrientes, como hard rock, thrash, grindcore, black metal y rock progresivo, cuyos ecos repercuten claramente dentro de los linderos de su producción 2009. Continue reading

11.25.09 Miss Randall B-Day Show

Happy Birthday, Thankskilling Girl!!

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We’ve talked about RUSTY EYE before, we’ve seen the innovative live video on their website and the high heels, but we still haven’t had the real in-person live experience.  If you’re around Thanksgiving Eye, come join us celebrate Miss Randall’s birthday at the Dragonfly.  Admission is free if you email

Vampire Freaks. Interview with Rusty Eye

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Interview with Rusty Eye
Interview with Rusty Eye
By Rafi

It is at times really frustrating to see bands still relying on labels to get creative on how to distribute their music. That is not the case with young up start Rusty Eye. They have spent the past fourteen years perfecting the DIY approach to getting your attention.

Having built one of the most interesting websites I have seen in some time, incorporating a visual transport into the band’s world. For once you can not only see their raw rock/metal aggression but witness it visually. I sat down with curiosity in mind, to ask their drummer Miss Randall about the band’s creation, work, and future

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Blistering. “Possessor” Album Review

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Rusty Eye – Possessor (Epoche)

By: David E. Gehlke

[7.5/10] Yet another “kitchen sink” band, LA’s Rusty Eye take horror/cinematic metal to new levels on Possessor. It’s a tricky listen, for on one side you have the band’s obsession with b-movie horror (read: Misfits), then they’re jostling with NWOBHM and Danzig in one fell swoop. Continue reading

Sea of Tranquility. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye: Possessor

Growing up here in Michigan every kid spent Saturday afternoon watching Sir Graves Ghastly. He was the local Detroit host for the weekend horror show. Now he never had the first run movies. He always showed either the old classics or the low budget monster flicks. Rusty Eye is the metal version of Sir Graves. On the disc Possessor they offer you 13 (of course) sinister snippets of ghoulish delights in a raw, energetic fashion that will please all of the Fangoria faithful! Continue reading

Revolver Magazine. Rusty Eye’s Video Innovation Website

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Horror-rock trio Rusty Eye have launched a new state-of-the-art viral video stream of new album, Possessor (Epoche), on their website, From the home page, fans are able to listen to the complete album, while watching each band member perform in split screens, via multiple camera angles. Designed by bassist-vocalist Mr. Rust, this is the latest innovation from the Hollywood-based group, who have previously worked with horror director Alejandro Ordez. Continue reading

MetalSucks. Rusty Eye’s Cool Website

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by Vince Neilstein

rusty eyeCheck out the official website for the band Rusty Eye. The entire premise of the website is a set of three video screens — each focusing on one of the three band members — which play simultaneously and show the band performing… the entire record. They’re not just static camera angles either; each screen switches angles periodically to keep things interesting. If the band wanted to take it to the next level they would’ve allowed the viewer to control the switching of camera angles; but alas, that’d probably be really fucking expensive to produce and code. Continue reading