ShockTillYouDrop. Event Report

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Event Report: Zombie, Isle Of The Damned


Being a newbie to the great city of Los Angeles, I’m always on the hunt to partake in whatever horror related event or screening is happening in town. Thankfully, for this particular weekend, the fiends over at Brutal Cinema had us covered by putting together a special double feature screening of Lucio Fulci’s classic Zombie, paired up with the premiere of the new flick Isle Of The Damned. Continue reading

Noisecreep. Miss Randall interview

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Rusty Eye Proud to be DIY and Love ’70s Italian Horror Flicks

by Amy Sciarretto

Rusty Eye

“It has always been difficult to label Rusty Eye‘s style, because no one else is doing what we are doing,” drummer Miss Randall told Noisecreep. “So at this point, we’ve given up on labeling ourselves and let everyone decide for themselves. We are definitely metal; that’s a given. Many others consider us to be progressive because of the technicality and the artsy side of the music. But the fact is that we aim to deliver a naturally original style of music, which can as well irk followers of Dream Theater or Opeth, who follow a formula and are not used to different sounds. The ‘horror’ influence has always been there — sometimes more visible than other times — but it’s a constant in the band’s work.” So essentially, the band is progressive horror rock, which not many bands can lay claim to being! Continue reading