Blabbermouth. “Possessor” review

“Possessor” album review via Blabbermouth.Net

While all these various “old-school” and “retro” movements going on these days are great for those of us who thrive on the glory that was yesterday’s metal, the bands who champion these scenes don’t have much going for them in the way of originality. Sure, the power does make up for lack of progression, but it would be nice to see a few acts out there that can deliver both. RUSTY EYE is one of those bands. Continue reading

Fatally-Yours. “Miss Randall” interview

Miss Randall “Women in Horror Month” interview via Fatally Yours

Miss Randall, photo by Gene Kirkland

Interview by Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier

This interview is part of Fatally-Yours’ Women in Horror interview series. We’ll be featuring interviews with women in the horror industry the whole month of February! Read more about Women in Horror Month here!

Miss Randall (born Julieta Randall on November 25, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico) is an American drummer, vocalist and audio engineer.

A percussive and rhythmic person – always interested in Prog Rock and Metal at an early age – she bought her first drum kit at the age of 18, determined to teach herself how to play drums. Hard work demonstrated an innate talent and after 6 months of picking up the drum sticks, she joined the Mexican/American band Rusty Eye. Continue reading

Zillo Musikmagazin Germany. “Possessor Review”

Translated by Walter Scheurer

November 2009

Hollywood strikes back! Three-piece RUSTY EYE serves a unique and entertaining mixture of dirty, but progressive parts, bone-crushing Thrash, some kind of exhumed IRON MAIDEN-reminiscences, an urn full of BLACK SABBATH, a portion of Black Metal and a bit of Horror-Punk. For sure it ain’t easy to cook those ingredients to reach a digestible meal, especially if the taste of this should not only be wild, but also seductive. Continue reading

Metal Exiles. Mr. Rust Interview

Original Article: CLICK HERE

An Interview with Mr. Rust of Rusty Eye

By Rob ”Bubbs” Harris

Rusty Eye are one of the most talented up and coming bands I have had the pleasure of hearing this past decade. Their latest effort, Possessor, is a face melting attack on the ear drums that is hard to describe, and impossible to ignore. Mr. Rust of this ultra-gnarly trio took some time to answer some questions for you, our cherished readers. Enjoy! Continue reading