Über Röck UK. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye – ‘Possessor’ (Self Released)
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Written by Gaz E
rustyeyeThe murky origins of horror soaked thrash ‘n’ rollers Rusty Eye can be traced back to Mexico City in 1995.

The band relocated to Hollywood a year after the recruitment of drummer Miss Randall in 2003 and a special mention should be afforded to this particular femme fatale; a one-time World’s Fastest Drummer finalist who is easier on the eye than your average scream queen, Miss Randall not only produced and co-engineered this album but also provides a slew of genre-hopping vocals that range from a gutter rock drawl to a Michale Graves-style croon and full-blown dramatic theatrics. Guitarist Baron Murtland and bassist/vocalist Mr. Rust flesh out the remainder of Rusty Eye. Continue reading

101 Distribution.com. Rusty Eye: Documenting Life.

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Rusty Eye

Documenting Life
By: Carl Sundberg
Last updated March 12th , 2010

Formed in the dusty metropolis of Mexico City in 1995, Rusty Eye has never followed the rules of what they should sound like. “When we started everyone was into stuff like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica,” says bassist and frontman Mr. Rust. “Our idea was to do the opposite.” And that’s exactly what Rusty Eye has been doing ever since. Continue reading