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WHAT’S WHAT: A product of Mexico City, Mexico, RUSTY EYE are the epitome of hard work in the music business. With a “make it or break it” attitude, the three piece could have gone anywhere when they left Mexico, but they went straight for the throat of the Heavy Metal scene in America and claimed Hollywood, California as base of operations. Nobody puts RUSTY EYE in a corner, meaning that you can’t slap a label on this band and lump them in with anybody else. The current lineup, consisting of Mr. Rust (bass/vocals), Miss Randall (drums/vocals) and Baron Murtland (guitars) broke the mold with the release of Stendhal Syndrome (2007), and followed strong with the impossible to wear out Possessor (2009), all on their own imprint Epoché Records. Constant work has earned them the respect of metal fans the world over, and also the love of critics in both the music and horror world, as they have done things the old school way, bypassing all of the bullshit and devoting themselves to standing out by writing and playing the gnarliest music possible. Now a certified legend in the Hollywood scene, RUSTY EYE have taken to the legendary Rainbow to record and unleash upon a new live album upon us. Live at The Rainbow MMX is 70-odd minutes of succulent metal, tinged with punk rock, including all the platters that matter from the fifteen-plus career of these DIY heroes. If this band isn’t already one of your favorites, they damn well need to be. (Bubbs Harris)


LOCATION: Hollywood, CA
CURRENT RELEASE: Live at The Rainbow MMX (www.rustyeye.com)

101 Distribution.com. Rusty Eye: Documenting Life.

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Rusty Eye

Documenting Life
By: Carl Sundberg
Last updated March 12th , 2010

Formed in the dusty metropolis of Mexico City in 1995, Rusty Eye has never followed the rules of what they should sound like. “When we started everyone was into stuff like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica,” says bassist and frontman Mr. Rust. “Our idea was to do the opposite.” And that’s exactly what Rusty Eye has been doing ever since. Continue reading

Examiner.com. California’s Rusty Eye indulges in horror-obsession with a technical thrash edge

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by Metal George Pacheco

Though Hollywood, California’s Rusty Eye have been in existence since the mid-90s, the power-trio’s brand of horror-influenced prog/thrash is still somewhat of an underground phenomenon. With the release of Possessor—their third LP proper—it seems as if Rusty Eye are beginning to make some headway, even garnering the attention and contribution of legendary Goblin-mainman Claudio Simonetti on the tracks “Mondo Cane” and “Wings of a Demon”.
Continue reading

“Possessor” makes the “Top 9 of ’09: Music Events” from Fear.net

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Top 9 of ’09: Music Events

by FEARnet, Mon., Dec. 28, 2009 9:00 AM PST

Top 9 of '09 Music

2009 was a bloody banner year for dark, twisted and horror-themed music, making this a pretty damn tough choice… but I gotta say it was worth the effort delving into the FEARnet music vaults to find the songs, albums, videos and other musical oddities that burned themselves into our brains over the past twelve months. So hit the jump and take a trip back through 2009’s coolest, creepiest, sickest and LOUDEST sonic sensations, presented in alphabetical order. Continue reading

Revolver Magazine. Rusty Eye’s Video Innovation Website

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Horror-rock trio Rusty Eye have launched a new state-of-the-art viral video stream of new album, Possessor (Epoche), on their website, rustyeye.com. From the home page, fans are able to listen to the complete album, while watching each band member perform in split screens, via multiple camera angles. Designed by bassist-vocalist Mr. Rust, this is the latest innovation from the Hollywood-based group, who have previously worked with horror director Alejandro Ordez. Continue reading

MetalSucks. Rusty Eye’s Cool Website

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by Vince Neilstein

rusty eyeCheck out the official website for the band Rusty Eye. The entire premise of the website is a set of three video screens — each focusing on one of the three band members — which play simultaneously and show the band performing… the entire record. They’re not just static camera angles either; each screen switches angles periodically to keep things interesting. If the band wanted to take it to the next level they would’ve allowed the viewer to control the switching of camera angles; but alas, that’d probably be really fucking expensive to produce and code. Continue reading

Zero Tolerance Magazine #30

Zero Tolerance Magazine #030

” Extreme views on Extreme music by Extreme people”

Calum Harvie keeps a Rusty Eye open for an impending zombie attack

Figuring out LA trio Rusty Eye is a bit like trying to nail porridge to the wall. Listen to new album Possessor, or indeed any of its predecessors, and you’ll encounter much which is familiar, but totally alien at the same time. Like, it thrashes, it rocks, it progs and can stare down a zombie at 100 yards, but still sounds like something you’ve never heard before. Hallucinogenic, you could say if you’re willing to throw connotations of peace-loving, bandanna-wearing ’60s dudes out of the window. So, let’s make a stab at definition here: how does horror-soaked-tech-thrash ‘n’ roll sound? It rolls off the tongue beautifully doesn’t it? No? Oh well. “Awesome! Thrash ‘n’ roll…never heard that one before,” chuckles Mr Rust, the Eye’s bassist / vocalist, in unison with drummer / vocalist Miss Randall. “It has always been difficult to label our style because no one else is doing what we are doing. We’ve given up on coining any terms and will let others decide for themselves. We are definitely metal, that’s a fact!” Continue reading

A Corroded Perception by Johnny Orlando Jr.

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Rusty Eye: A Corroded Perception

By Johnny Orlando, Jr.

Aldous Huxley once said, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” Rusty Eye is hopeful that exposure to their music will evoke such emotion or, at the very least, split your skull in half like a machete bisecting an earthworm. Continue reading

Metal Edge Magazine. Rusty Eye Feature

From Mexico, with Metal
Story: Charlie Steffens

Some people’s fascination with Hollywood has nothing to do movie stars
or bogus reality TV. The motivation for Rusty Eye bassist/vocalist Mr.
Rust and drummer/vocalist Ms. Randall to leave Mexico City and move to
Hollywood is a more inspiring story. While the metaphorical meaning of
Rusty Eye is something about the corrosion of perception, these two
musicians’ ambition has been clear-eyed. Both became U.S. citizens and
graduated from Musicians Institute, and while working day jobs,
continuously wrote and recorded new music, playing gigs on the fabled
Sunset Strip and in the other sordid clubs of Los Angeles. Along with
the guitarist Tony “The Baron” Murtland, this thrash/progressive power
trio is gaining recognition as a serious act, not just some band with a
hot-looking chick drummer. Continue reading