Tartarean Desire. “Stendhal Syndrome” Review

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Rusty Eye – Stendhal Syndrome self-released, 2006

written by John Boden

Rusty Eye first crawled onto the musical map in 1995, in Mexico City. A three piece influenced heavily by the European metal stylings of bands like Venom, Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost and Motorhead. That is from the first paragraph or so of their two page bio sheet. Stendhal Syndrome is their fourth full length, and I can say at the forefront it is a tighter, more mature Rusty Eye than on their debut, Rust N’ Roll. Before getting onto the business of actual music review, allow me to babble about some cool things about this band that have nothing to do with their sound. Continue reading

The Metal Observer. “Stendhal Syndrome” Review

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Rusty Eye – Stendhal Syndrome (9/10) – USA – 2006

by Jonathan “Hell’s Unicorn”

Playing time: 33:32
Band homepage: Rusty Eye
There is a strange, enigmatic beauty to this peculiar mishmash of Doom, Thrash, Grind, Death, 70s Rock and Punk styles that simultaneously captivates and eviscerates my ears.  A label such as Progressive obviously comes to mind with them, but often this tends to denote a uniform movement of DREAM THEATER and OPETH worshippers so one should take care to note the variance that this particular act has with any established scenes.  By their own testimony, RUSTY EYE take pride in avoiding the common practice of pigeon holing oneself into an established clique or dogmatic style, and it shows on every single track on this compact collection of metal concoctions. Continue reading

Music Extreme. “Stendhal Syndrome” Review

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Rusty Eye is a really powerful band whose music can be described as a combination of metal and heavy rock elements. With a powerful female vocalist (combined with a male voice) that delivers wild melodic lines and a heavy guitar that is the core lf the music here, we have a band that makes memorable tunes and that at the same time is not afraid of experimenting. Heavy riffs are all over the place here, as well as melodies and aggressive voices. The guitars show also good solos that add a different flavor to the music. Each song is completely different from the other and that is essential to show all the good things that Rusty Eye is capable of delivering.

Noktorn. “Stendhal Syndrome” Review

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Rusty Eye – Stendhal Syndrome

Rusty Eye’s second album, following the trend of their previous live release, is yet another step up in quality for their catalog. ‘Stendhal Syndrome’, apart from the most basic structural level, is a completely different and completely improved beast when compared to their original 2000 LP, ‘Rust N’ Roll’. The motif is still the same: garage rock meets traditional metal with some prog elements, but the mixture is now steadier and better delivered than ever. It’s good to see a band moving up instead of down. Continue reading