The Metal Crypt. “Possessor” Review

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Rating: 4/5

Review online: October 6, 2010
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley

It’s not often you can say something is original. However Hollywood’s Rusty Eye are just about as original as they come. The style encompasses a vast range of genres, as do the vocals which are all forged into a heavy metal sound with a progressive touch. The production really has that garage band feel to it, which is quite lo-fi although it doesn’t affect any of the clarity in the overall sound. The vocal styles range from the varying vocal styles of Mr. Rust who delivers an array of extreme and clean vocals, as well as Miss Randall’s sultry female voice. Of course Mr. Rust and Miss Randall handle bass and drums respectively, with the three piece being rounded out by guitar player Baron Murtland. Continue reading

Fuck The Underground. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye


Reviewed by: Mercury 23

Genre: Heavy Metal, Post, Underground

Rusty Eye is a three piece band that really brings a lot of character to the table.
Originally from Mexico City the band currently resides in Los Angeles, California and they have a new album out on their own label called Epoché Records. I really do not understand why a major label has not grabbed them yet! I would love to see a lot of money dumped into this band, however the bands seems to be of a Do – It – Yourself mentality standing strongly on their own feet. I can only applaud them for the great job they’re doing! Continue reading

Metal “Possessor” Review

July 12, 2010
Reviewer: M.J

Belched up from the feral streets of Hollywood, Rusty Eye has sprung back with a brand new album, Possessor, which once again has the band eviscerating the ears with unapologetic barbarity.  Rusty Eye’s inception occurred (purely coincidental) around the time of Babes in Toyland’s implosion and handily, the band has taken over the reins of their riot grrrl inspired punk and melded it with a proggy Tool appreciation and a molten Venom-ous gurgle. What a fine mess they have gotten themselves into! Continue reading

Métaluna Magazine, France. “Possessor” Review

Métaluna #6

By Fabrice Lambot

After the “Stendhal Syndrome” album which had marked the spirits, “Possessor”, the latest Rusty Eye is a great success. Always self-produced, the Hollywood trio has pulled up their sleeves and now can compete against the best bands of the genre. And I would say it plays real heavy! The instrumental “At the House by the Cemetery” immediately places the listener in the mood: right on a Revival Thrash/Heavy Metal spot and it plays fast and good. There’s barely time to recover when “11/02 Day of the Dead” kicks in, a powerful vitamin cocktail of Metal, sung by Mr. Rust, bass-growler/barker, and Miss Randall, aka Miss 3B (Beautiful Blonde Beater). Fans of horror movies will recognize the song titles (films of Lucio Fulci and George A. Romero, of course). Continue reading

Über Röck UK. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye – ‘Possessor’ (Self Released)
CD Reviews
Written by Gaz E
rustyeyeThe murky origins of horror soaked thrash ‘n’ rollers Rusty Eye can be traced back to Mexico City in 1995.

The band relocated to Hollywood a year after the recruitment of drummer Miss Randall in 2003 and a special mention should be afforded to this particular femme fatale; a one-time World’s Fastest Drummer finalist who is easier on the eye than your average scream queen, Miss Randall not only produced and co-engineered this album but also provides a slew of genre-hopping vocals that range from a gutter rock drawl to a Michale Graves-style croon and full-blown dramatic theatrics. Guitarist Baron Murtland and bassist/vocalist Mr. Rust flesh out the remainder of Rusty Eye. Continue reading

Blabbermouth. “Possessor” review

“Possessor” album review via Blabbermouth.Net

While all these various “old-school” and “retro” movements going on these days are great for those of us who thrive on the glory that was yesterday’s metal, the bands who champion these scenes don’t have much going for them in the way of originality. Sure, the power does make up for lack of progression, but it would be nice to see a few acts out there that can deliver both. RUSTY EYE is one of those bands. Continue reading

Zillo Musikmagazin Germany. “Possessor Review”

Translated by Walter Scheurer

November 2009

Hollywood strikes back! Three-piece RUSTY EYE serves a unique and entertaining mixture of dirty, but progressive parts, bone-crushing Thrash, some kind of exhumed IRON MAIDEN-reminiscences, an urn full of BLACK SABBATH, a portion of Black Metal and a bit of Horror-Punk. For sure it ain’t easy to cook those ingredients to reach a digestible meal, especially if the taste of this should not only be wild, but also seductive. Continue reading

Exclaim Canada [Aggressive Tendencies]. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye
By Keith Carman

A complex alloy of virtually every extreme music form, Rusty Eye’s third full-length gives new meaning to diversity. Channelling horror-inspired lyrics and imagery through rock-based thrash metal, Possessor utilizes the piercing shred and half-time, moody atmosphere of black metal, coupled with operatic metal’s lilting female voice, thrash’s thick, mechanical delivery and virtually everything in between to create one hell of an experience. It’s quite the accomplishment, made more impressive by the fact that this is only a power trio. Continue reading

Hard Rock Magazine France. “Possessor” Review

by Rurik Sallé
translated by Fabrice Lambot

Rusty Eye! Here’s a name that would get a hard-on on any lady’s permed hair, that’s for sure. However, we are not talking hair metal here, but a combo from L.A. with old school influences, somewhere between early Maiden (even from the Di Anno era) and Metallica from the vests with patches era. And there are horror movie influences, since you’ll find Lucio Fulci (At the House by the Cemetery, inspired by the film of the same title, also glorified by Wednesday 13), or Mondo Cane, bitching cult italian pseudo documentary. Even better, those bastards even managed to get the one and only Claudio Simonetti, ex-member of the Italian legendary band Goblin, on some of their tracks! Without naming appearances by the too rare Waldemar Sorychta… Continue reading

PitRiff. “Possessor” Review

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Written by Trent Mohr
Rusty Eye POSSESSORRusty Eye
Epoche Records

The Rusty Eye has some surprises in store for you, and me as well.  In doing my research for this band, I found out that they are from Mexico originally.  If you are thinking Lowrider, you could not be further from the truth.  They are definitely a power metal band in my book complete with growling vocals and heavy guitar licks.  One of the other things that surprised me was this is a three piece band consisting of: Mr. Rust (Pablo Armando Salido Casanova) Bass & Vocals,  Miss Randall. Drums & Vocals, and Baron Mürtland. Guitars. Continue reading