Metal Reviews 666. “Rust n’ Roll” Review

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Rusty Eye- Rust N Roll Review

by Radu Snider

Rusty Eye is a progressive metal act that fuses rock, metal and extreme metal elements together in a great combination of music. Here we have their first full length, Rust N Roll. This album is very good, and different than most modern traditional metal acts because it does not get boring and it stays interesting throughout the entire album, it does not just use the same old recycled riffs over and over. These are a group of very talented songwriters, they can play all kinds of shit from punk to soft acoustic and hard rock. Continue reading

Music Extreme. “Rust n’ Roll” Review

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This is the first Rusty Eye album, before Miss Randall entered the band. Here we have pure direct and heavy tunes that reflect the spirit of the band´s sound. I have to say that the band has shown a lot of improvement through the years and that the addition of female vocals was really welcomed. Here we have the raw and direct guitars delivering riffs and interesting rocking solos. The tunes are direct and well developed, sticking in the listeners´ mind soon. The rhythms are also direct, leaving space for the guitars and vocals ideas.

Noktorn. “Rust n’ Roll” Review

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Rusty Eye – Rust N’ Roll

This isn’t bad if you look at it for what it is: a rock album with large heavy metal influences. I can’t say this is a full-fledged metal album; it’s more garage rock with some Iron Maiden CDs stocked away. It creates music with a weird sort of inner conflict, where the band is torn between rock minimalism and heavy metal complexity. You get these big heavy metal riffs and song structures jammed into this tiny rock-based space, and it creates a very interesting, if not entirely effective, sound. Continue reading