Blistering. “Possessor” Album Review

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Rusty Eye – Possessor (Epoche)

By: David E. Gehlke

[7.5/10] Yet another “kitchen sink” band, LA’s Rusty Eye take horror/cinematic metal to new levels on Possessor. It’s a tricky listen, for on one side you have the band’s obsession with b-movie horror (read: Misfits), then they’re jostling with NWOBHM and Danzig in one fell swoop.

A power trio with the drummer (a chick drummer in the form of Miss Randall, no less) handling half of the vocals, Rusty Eye manage to sound bigger than their limited band size would suggest. Case in point, the sprawling “At the House By the Cemetery,” a song that evokes Di’Anno era Maiden, all the while sticking its neck out with progg-y overtones of the Rush variety. Granted, this and other songs (most notably “Somnambulist Procession”) do include their fair share of risk-taking, but the band’s inherent tightness and compact song structures keep it all in line.

The horror shtick doesn’t interfere as much with the songs as one would initially think (love the Joe Petagno artwork, by the way), making Rusty Eye an interesting and dare we say, unique combo. This is attributed more to the band’s outside-of-the-box musical approach than its unusual musical setup, than anything, but the fact of the matter is that Possessor is strong through and through.