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Rusty Eye certainly hasn’t followed the traditional band cycle.  Typically a group puts out a few demos before putting out their first EP or full length, but after putting out five demos Rusty Eye chose to debut with a live album.  In fact, their first studio album didn’t come out until 2000 which was five years after they originally formed.  The band is now on their third full length release Possessor, and although they have been through some lineup changes over the years the core group on this disc is the same as 2006’s Stendhal Syndrome.  And to put it quite simply, Possessor definitely has a unique sound that is enjoyable to listen to.

It is clear almost from the beginning that Rusty Eye has their own identity within the metal genre.  The best way to describe the instrumentals on Possessor is as a mix of thrash, hard rock, and even a little progressive metal.  Although there are other bands that have tried to incorporate some of these elements, the way in which the members of this group are able to combine them sound fresh and create some genuinely interesting moments.  This definitely isn’t the heaviest metal album you’ll hear this year, but it has some killer riffs that are high energy and focus more on melody than they do on crushing your skull into a thousand pieces.  There is a bit too much filler on the course of this release (this comes in the form of an instrumental intro, outro and intermission) but this ultimately isn’t enough to lessen the impact that the album should have on listeners and they will find them satisfied overall.

Throughout Possessor Rusty Eye uses a male/female vocal combo that works quite well.  Mr. Rust, who also serves as the group’s bassist, provides the majority of the lead vocals and alternates between clean singing and screaming.  Although his clean singing is fairly generic for the genre, his screaming actually has a very interesting pitch to it that sounds a little bit different from the majority of the other vocalists.  The group’s drummer Miss Randall takes the lead spot and provides backing vocals, and she is able to hit an impressive range especially considering that she continues to drum while doing so.  Overall, though I do prefer the screaming a bit more than the clean singing both styles are well done and do work well with the instrumentals.

There is a bit too much filler throughout the course of Possessor, but unlike other albums that have had this issue it isn’t enough to make Rusty Eye’s latest release any less interesting.  This group still has a sound that is slightly different from everything else out there, and that definitely makes them worth recommending.  If you like a little bit of every style when it comes to metal, don’t hesitate to check this album out.

Chris Dahlberg

October 05, 2009