Exclaim Canada [Aggressive Tendencies]. “Possessor” Review

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Rusty Eye
By Keith Carman

A complex alloy of virtually every extreme music form, Rusty Eye’s third full-length gives new meaning to diversity. Channelling horror-inspired lyrics and imagery through rock-based thrash metal, Possessor utilizes the piercing shred and half-time, moody atmosphere of black metal, coupled with operatic metal’s lilting female voice, thrash’s thick, mechanical delivery and virtually everything in between to create one hell of an experience. It’s quite the accomplishment, made more impressive by the fact that this is only a power trio. Occasionally the band’s desire to cram each track full of these elements does detract from the end product. They forsake a decent groove in the name of multiplicity, forgetting that sometimes the simple approach works best. Still, Possessor abounds in enough girth, dextrous drum patterns and a seemingly unending supply of stellar riffs to make up for the band’s overzealous moments. (Independent)