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When I logged onto www.rustyeye.com I got possessed what a show you get to see Rusty Eye play live in a panoramic view for all the songs on their new CD Possessor this band is unique original one of a kind bursting full of energy and creativity. Once you are possessed you can order Rusty Eyes Merchandise and CD’s while watching the Band Play Live. We landed the sweet opportunity to interview Rusty Eye and got really indepth about Possessor tune in and listen!

A Little Bit About Rusty Eye

Rusty Eye is a band characterized with the ability to persevere through time, and their aim from the outset was to summon a cohesive fusion of Heavy Metal with a total disregard, defiance even, for passing trends; their most recent album to date ‘Possessor’ is a remarkable testament to this vow. Rusty Eye is based in Hollywood, CA and comprised by bassist vocalist Mr. Rust, singing drummer Miss Randall, and guitarist Baron Murtland; their story goes back as far as 1995, amid the vast cultural melting-pot that is Mexico City.

Ever since the garage days, the trio triggered a “You have to see this!” reaction; with DIY-assembled tapes being traded via word-of-mouth. Five years later, Rusty Eye finally unleashed the debut ‘Rust and Roll’ and hammered the Mexican metal scene in the album’s support (the band being led by: founding member Mr. Rust, Leo Haze on drums, Dr. Eye on guitars). Then in 2003, things would shift in a more unified direction as recently turned drummer ‘Miss Randall’ joined as a permanent creative force, bringing with her a considerable vocal ability and recording engineering skills. This personnel change pushed the band’s decision to relocate to Hollywood, CA by the end of 2004 (and to think that four years after picking up the sticks she would be a finalist at World’s Fastest Drummer Competition, feet scoring 728 hits in 60 seconds).

Now established in this new base, a period of creative output took place during 2005 and 2006; with three independent releases via their own DIY Epoche Records: ‘Cryogenic (2005), ‘Live at the Joint MMVI’ and ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ (both in 2006). The latter spawned their first serious dip into the market of big-budget video production as its single ‘Mr. Cannibal’ – ‘Best Metal Single’ LA Music Awards 2006 – grabbed the attention of Alejandro Ordóñez during an electrifying live performance at the Whisky a Go Go. With co-production courtesy of Brian Robbins (Cabin Fever), Alejandro later helped directing and sponsoring the music video which depicts the morbidly captivating journey into the realms of Grindhouse 16 mm. moviedom.

Once again, after 3 years of bombarding Los Angeles and its vicinities, Rusty Eye opted to retreat from the public to produce a new offering with the benefit this time of a higher independent budget and making the ever-present horror influence more obvious. ‘Possessor’ was remarkably engineered by Jeremy Blair (Guns N’ Roses/Fear Factory), produced/co-engineered by Miss Randall, and recorded at Temple Studios in Chatsworth, CA. It features world renowned guests: Italian film composer “Claudio Simonetti” (Goblin), guitarist and producer “Waldemar Sorychta” (Grip Inc.), vocalist “Alex Mitchell” (Circus of Power), and the artwork by Joe Petagno (Motörhead).

The album is also backed by a state-of-the-art www.rustyeye.com where the viewers can follow a slew of multi-camera video performances to each song. The initial responses to it have been astounding and it’s clear that the band’s unique ability to bridge several genres is creating significant interest Worldwide.