Live at The Rainbow MMX CD Out Now!

Rusty Eye celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the band with the release of Live at The Rainbow MMX.

18 Rusty Eye classics live!
Over 70 minutes long!
Recorded at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA!

CDs available at AMAZON.COM

Downloads available at APPLE ITUNES

01.  At the House by the Cemetery [live]
02. 11.02 Day of the Dead [live]
03. Zombie [live]
04. Return Of The Scarecrow [live]
05. The Serial Kind [live]
06. Those Who Flee From The Sun [live]
07. Wings of a Demon [live]
08. Birds of Prey [live]
09. Phantasm [live]
10. Vermin [live]
11. Mondo Cane [live]
12. Somnambulist Possession [live]
13. Cryonic Suspension [live]
14. The Entity [live]
15. Certain Death [live]
16. A Poisoned Letter [live]
17. Mr. Cannibal [live]
18. Jerusalem Cricket Soufflé [live]