Metal Reviews 666. “Rust n’ Roll” Review

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Rusty Eye- Rust N Roll Review

by Radu Snider

Rusty Eye is a progressive metal act that fuses rock, metal and extreme metal elements together in a great combination of music. Here we have their first full length, Rust N Roll. This album is very good, and different than most modern traditional metal acts because it does not get boring and it stays interesting throughout the entire album, it does not just use the same old recycled riffs over and over. These are a group of very talented songwriters, they can play all kinds of shit from punk to soft acoustic and hard rock.

The guitar in this album is great, it has great tone, riffs are kind of technical, and fast. The riffs seem to fit along perfectly with the vocals. The solos are good, they are some speedy shit, it reminds me of Iron Maiden.

The bass is totally kick ass when you can hear it. It is audiable at times, and when it is, its a kick ass groove, again somewhat reminicant of Iron Maiden and Death. There are a few bass solos in this album, they are fucking awesome, really kick ass bass.

The vocale pretty good. Personally, I like them, but I don’t know if everyone would. They have a heavy accent to them, though, some may like it, others may not. It is dirty and gritty as well, kind of a little bit more melodic version of 80’s hardcore punk vocals.

The drums are good, but there’s not much to be said about them. They kick ass if you listen to them, and they do their job. Not much else to say about these drums.

In conclusion, this is a great metal/rock album, I recomend to any fans of thrash/crossover, heavy metal, rock, progressive, and any of that. Definitly worth checking out. 89/100.