Metallian. Miss Randall interview

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-Introduce yourself.

I’m Miss Randall, drummer and vocalist of the metal trio Rusty Eye.

-How did you get into the heavier end of the music?

I got into Rock music at an early age, but in my teens I found out that I needed something heavier to fulfill my needs and I got introduced to the underground European Metal. Being raised in Mexico City helped to build a strong character in me, a truly devoted place to the subculture.

-Is it an advantage or a disadvantage being a female in metal?

If you use it as a gimmick, if you want to be just the token member, well it may as well work wonders in your advantage! It’s easy to promote yourself as the ‘hottest chick in metal’ just to get press and attention, but when you are promoting that you can ‘actually play’ it’s a different ballgame. I’m here to tear down walls, not to embrace pre-established old ways.

-Is the visual aspect of being a female a tool in the promotion of your music?

We may use it as one of the many assets to set ourselves apart from other bands, but it’s just another element. It is not the main thing.

-Do you have any funny instances or memories relating to being a woman and being involved in music?

This is a typical conversation with a person that I just met: “So you are in a band? Way Cool! So you must be the singer!” Ergh… wrong! Front of house engineers also are a true hassle when it comes to playing without a sound check. The first song usually doesn’t get a good mix because they don’t know first that I’m singing, and second, that I hit as hard as a dude (grins)!

-Why can’t women drive and why do they insist to?

I don’t know man. We have to get to places too, but I get your point. Most of them aren’t that brilliant behind the wheel.