MetalSucks. Rusty Eye’s Cool Website

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by Vince Neilstein

rusty eyeCheck out the official website for the band Rusty Eye. The entire premise of the website is a set of three video screens — each focusing on one of the three band members — which play simultaneously and show the band performing… the entire record. They’re not just static camera angles either; each screen switches angles periodically to keep things interesting. If the band wanted to take it to the next level they would’ve allowed the viewer to control the switching of camera angles; but alas, that’d probably be really fucking expensive to produce and code.

I’m not too hot on the band’s vocal approach, but their music is pretty decent progressive thrash (if there’s such a thing). Moreso I just wanted to point out the website, which I think is a really cool idea. I wish more bands would spend the time to develop creative ideas like this to market their music on the web.