“Possessor” Review

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Reviewed by buickmckane

“Possessor” by Rusty Eye pays homage to the past while maintaining its own identity. A heavy classic metal base, with goth and rock styles mixed in and occasional spook house sound effects, makes you want to throw on your denim vests. It’s not the most energetic release from the trio, but certainly a danceable and dark album.

The guitarist Baron Murtland is very talented. On most of the album he plays the rhythm with clean and distorted effects. But, this is not where he excels. The solos in “11.02 Day of the Dead” and “Somnambulist Possession” are fine examples of his ability in making a guitar sing. The playing he does decides the style of the song, such as the groovy “Mondo Cane,” sexy sounding “The Serial Kind.” and the galloping-rhythm classic “A Poisoned Letter.” Murtland has a burgeoning career ahead of him if his skills don’t slip.

Mr. Rust and Miss Randall are the vocalists as well as the bassist and drummer, respectively. Mr. Rust’s bass comes out in “Somnambulist Possession.” He plays his instrument very well and it should have been more noticeable considering how technically he is able to play. His main instrument, his voice, was in the forefront of most songs, growling exceptionally. However, in “The Serial Kind,” he croons along with Miss Randall. The lyrics seem to be about how desirable he is because he’s a rockstar, making the ladies go crazy. Speaking of ladies, drummer Miss Randall plays very well throughout, going from double-bass to rock format without missing a beat. She can probably play most kinds of drumming that you find in metal with ease judging by the way she changes rapidly in tempo and style. She sings in two styles; a goth-style singing and growling. Miss Randall is an amazing female growler akin to the frontwoman of Arch Enemy. Her vocals are very powerful this way such as in “Mondo Cane.” Her singing vocals are a bit less powerful, but they fit well in the sultry song “The Serial Kind” and “Somnambulist Possession.”

Highs: Great guitar solos and varied styles of music

Lows: Not terribly powerful music.

Bottom line: A good listen that people of different tastes can agree on.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 skulls