“Mondo Cane” on The Autopsy Report Radio Show, UK.

The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show #376 – March 14th 2011.
Manchester, UK.

Listen to Audio excerpt from the show:

This week’s playlist featuring Rusty Eye:

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While She Sleeps – Be(lie)ve
Hostile Rage – Dead Meat
Antagonized Witch Hunt
Chaossworn – Crowned And Winged
Rusty Eye – Mondo Cane
Rosaline – Face Like Thunder
Collibus – The Hunted
Minus Divinity Strain – Mass Mutual Annihilation
Ape – Friend Or Foe
Malevolent Awakening – Frenzied
Kaledon – May The Dragon Be With You
Winters Thrall – Cold
Hope To Find – Witness Of Happiness
The Lust – Unreal You
Foundation – Soul Fed
Neversleep – Stitched
Anlipnes – Cold Wounds
Bloodstream Parade – Let The Curses Fall Where They May
Laaz Rockit – Fire In The Hole

Prepare to be dissected!

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