PitRiff. “Possessor” Review

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Written by Trent Mohr
Rusty Eye POSSESSORRusty Eye
Epoche Records

The Rusty Eye has some surprises in store for you, and me as well.  In doing my research for this band, I found out that they are from Mexico originally.  If you are thinking Lowrider, you could not be further from the truth.  They are definitely a power metal band in my book complete with growling vocals and heavy guitar licks.  One of the other things that surprised me was this is a three piece band consisting of: Mr. Rust (Pablo Armando Salido Casanova) Bass & Vocals,  Miss Randall. Drums & Vocals, and Baron Mürtland. Guitars.

The surprises are not done yet friends.  Their sound really grabs you.  In the midst of the heavy guitar and growling vocals, there is a wonderful pristine female voice backing up the singer. Sometimes she takes center stage.  It is a  very rare occurrence, in metal,  to mix from growl to refined like that.  I know this sounds odd when written out, but when you listen to it, it sounds pleasant.

As the disc starts out, you are greeted with  “At the House by the Cemetery [intro]” even though the intro is in the title and it is a little over a minute,, it proves a great stage for a guitar solo in the middle of an instrumental.  Also included on this album is an intermission, an instrumental and an outro.

Progressing into the music I keep hearing the same thing happen again and again.  It’s almost as if some of the songs are a duet, with Mr. Rust barking out something and Miss Randall answering him, such as “Those Who Flee From the Sun”.  When this happens,  I can’t seem to get the chorus out of my head.  It reminds me of something I have heard from a local bar band.  Not to say that it sucks, but Rusty Eye is a bit more polished in some regards than the local bands.  It’s just the makeup of the song sounds like every other bar band song.  I know they have won a heavy metal award and on some of the songs it shows why, but on others I am left a little lacking.

While this is a heavy album to listen to with the power chords, double bass and growling vocals,  I found that I only kicked into about half the album.  The whole album is heavy, but I only enjoyed about half the songs.  I really can’t put my finger on it exactly.  Some of the songs seem little better than a bar band and others seem really excellent.  This is an album of hit and misses for me.  Overall I enjoyed the hits so much more than the misses. I gave this a 7.

Trent Mohr