“Possessor” makes the “Top 9 of ’09: Music Events” from Fear.net

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Top 9 of ’09: Music Events

by FEARnet, Mon., Dec. 28, 2009 9:00 AM PST

Top 9 of '09 Music

2009 was a bloody banner year for dark, twisted and horror-themed music, making this a pretty damn tough choice… but I gotta say it was worth the effort delving into the FEARnet music vaults to find the songs, albums, videos and other musical oddities that burned themselves into our brains over the past twelve months. So hit the jump and take a trip back through 2009’s coolest, creepiest, sickest and LOUDEST sonic sensations, presented in alphabetical order.

69 Eyes: Back in Blood

Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration Plague

Chickenhawk: I Hate This… Do You Like It?

Ghoultown: Mistress of the Dark

Jet: K.I.A. (“Market Massacre” video)

Psyclon Nine: We the Fallen

Rammstein: Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

Rusty Eye: Possessor

One of my favorite finds of ’09 was this horror-savvy metal unit from Hollywood, whose multimedia skills reach far and wide. The talented trio have a total understanding of how horror movies and heavy music are connected… and they seem to have this wired into their creative DNA. As a result, this love of all things horror permeates every note and frame of their work.

Another reason why you should be checking out Rusty Eye this very instant is their ability to draw horror’s top talents to join in the fun: not only did they get legendary artist Joe Petagno to paint the cover for Possessor, but they also managed to enlist the talents of none other than Claudio Simonetti, founding member of Goblin and Daemonia, to collaborate on several tracks.

But don’t just take my word for it… you can actually watch the band perform songs from Possessor in multi-angle mode on the band’s impressive website. Not only can you see the amazing Miss Randall sing and pound blazing double-kick in high heels, but you can watch her being slowly eaten alive (while singing) in the video for Mister Cannibal (from previous album The Stendhal Syndrome). As I said before, any true horror and metal fan MUST check these guys out.

Slayer: World Painted Blood