Rusty Eye live videos from Brutal Cinema’s Zombi 2 screening 11.07.09

Live at The Los Angeles Downtown Independent Theater during the intermission between Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (Zombi 2) and Mark Colegrove’s Isle of the Damned. Full Show featuring images from Zombi 2.

1. House by the Cemetery/Day of the Dead

2. Mondo Cane/The Serial Kind

3. A Poisoned Letter

4. Those Who Flee from the Sun

5. Mr. Cannibal

6. Somnambulist Possession

7. Jerusalem Cricket Soufflé


*SCREENING THE MOST ULTRA VIOLENT FILMS OF MERCILESS BRUTALITY!* Founded in early 2009 by Mike (SiKoVeRt) & Andrew (Undead Torment). We bring to audiences some of the most extreme movies ever made, whether it is horror, exploitation or action/drama. Including guest appearances by actors/directors and people related from the films to discuss the movie and greet their fans . Also including a band/musicians to give that extra entertainment during the intermission, plus providing a raffle to the moviegoers.


Video shot by Alejandro Ordoñez, Fabrice Lambot and Daniel Metcalf. Edited by Mr. Rust.