Slavewriter6. Interview with Rusty Eye

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By: Holly Jayde (slavewriter6)

The current lineup of Rusty Eye came together in 2006 with Baron Murtland joining the band correct?

Baron Murtland: Yeah, I joined in ’06 right before we recorded the Stendhal Syndrome.

Mr. Rust and Miss Randall, tell us what made you guys decide to leave Mexico City and move to Hollywood in 2004?

Mr. Rust: Miss Randall and I, we both have dual citizenships so it felt like the right thing to do. In Mexico we didn’t have much chances because Rusty Eye’s music has always been in English. We want to make our music as universal as possible, and Los Angeles is the place to be for everything rock related anyway.

Miss Randall: I’ve always wanted to live here, my dad was actually a born & raised Angeleno. I love the weather, the vibe, the Rock n’ Roll scene, its international food, and how everything cultural/musical eventually comes here.

Rusty Eye relates to the “corrosion of perception”. Can you give us a little background on why this name was finally chosen for the band?

Mr. Rust: It is a metaphorical meaning. The eye is a symbol that represents perception, and the rust represents decay. It basically means to see things with a different perception. It is physically impossible for an eye to rust, unless the eye is made of metal. And this represents the impossibility of being different and original, even in the metal world.

Tell us a bit about the horror movie concepts in your music.

Mr. Rust: Horror movies have always been an influence to our music, an influence as important as music itself. It’s never been a gimmick, it is our lifestyle.

Let’s talk about the latest album ‘Possessor’, how is it different from your previous records and what has the response to it been?

Baron Murtland: Possessor has been a great accomplishment for us as far as a great step forwards in production quality, song writing, getting to work with many talented people and the response to it has been sick (from people who know what they are talking about). All in all this album is a stage in the evolution of the band, expect much more crazier shit in the future.

The art work done for the album ‘Possessor’ was done by Joe Petagno correct? How did you guys hook up with Joe?

Mr. Rust: We tried to work with a contemporary illustrator, but he turned the project down because we weren’t “scene” enough. That made us go on the complete opposite direction, so Petagno made complete sense. More than doing artwork we needed someone that really understood the concepts to get them incorporated in the illustration. He listened to the Possessor demos, read the lyrics and we told him what we needed.

Do you have any videos completed for any songs from the new album? Are any in the works?

Miss Randall: We don’t have any completed nor in the works yet, just ideas for now.

Now, let’s talk about your website, which is bad ass.  What can people expect to experience on the site and tell us how your are taking a different approach than most bands.

Miss Randall: Thank you! Glad you dig it and find it amusing. We just hope that people who stumble upon it can truly see the live experience of Rusty Eye listening to the songs of Possessor. We wanted to showcase every single detail of our playing, each with our own little spotlight as you can see, but in the end we put it together as a unity. It works for us because we are a three piece. Also, if you want to know about our discography, bio, links, details, etc. just scroll down the page and there is an exclusive area that shows that information. It’s separate from the top one, the visual part. It’s like have two websites in one.

Miss Randall tell us when you first started playing the drums and are you self taught? Also tell us a bit about being a finalist at World’s Fastest Drummer Competition?

Miss Randall: I was always attracted to the percussive side of things, particularly in the style of Prog Rock. When in my teens I bought myself a djembe and was always attracted to what the drummers were doing at shows. But I needed something more solid and intense, and the idea of getting a drum set came next as I started to mingle with the Underground Metal scene in Mexico City. So I bought my first Tama Rock Star 7 years ago, inspired by the Rusty Eye dudes (Dr. Eye and Mr. Rust) who were looking for a drummer at the time and I just really dug their style since the beginning. I was admitted as a member of the band 6 months later (I’m a quick learner when I’m determined!). The drumming competition came along 3 years later, already based out in L.A., when at a NAMM show in 2007 I jumped on the WFD’s drum booth just to try my luck. I passed to the finals, reaching 728 double bass hits in 60 seconds, which was pretty damn good just for starters! After that, I just didn’t care for competitions. It’s about the music and what you do with those skills.

Who was the most influential to each of you growing up, inspiring you to get into music?

Miss Randall: My dad Patrick. He had a great voice, used to have a band with Melissa Tennille (Toni’s sister) in the late 60’s, also sang in a handful of popular jingles when in Mexico. He encouraged me to follow my musical talent (introduced me to the Beatles and Pink Floyd = very important!) and even though I dived into a harder/louder realm of music to his taste, he was very proud of me. Neil Peart comes next as a big time inspiration.

Mr. Rust: Steve Harris, although I’ve never met him he’s always been my bass teacher through the Iron Maiden albums.

Baron Murtland: I would have to say my buddy back in Virginia, Gonzalo. We’ve been friends since he taught me to finger tap the guitar but sadly I’ve lost touch with him.

Tell everyone what they can expect to see at one of your live shows and do you have any coming up?

Miss Randall: It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. I usually step back as outsider to see from the eyes of the audience. I always think that if I didn’t know who we are, I would be impressed by the originality of it. We are just bizarre, unique and in your face Metal. Fun to watch, that’s for sure.

Baron Murtland: The energy we have live can’t be controlled. The live show takes on a life of its own.

What is on the table for the band in 2010 – what’s next for you guys?

Miss Randall: We are working on new material of course, but also working on a cover album of popular Mexican “Rock en Español” songs translated into Metal. We also hope to spread the “rust” a bit more around different American key cities; first we gotta create curiosity, get more press coverage, find more airplay and finally be on demand, all of that prior to venturing to play these places.