Radioactive Metal Podcast. Rusty Eye on the indie spotlight.

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This episode of RADIOACTIVE METAL Originally aired on PURE ROCK RADIO September 30th, 2010. After being pleasantly interrupted last episode, RAM is back on track with PART 2 of their SNOWY’S ANGELS Specials. This time they went a little crazy with their tribute to the fairer sex, setting a RAM record with the most tunes in one RAM episode. Snowy & Roch crank artists ranging from the legendary to the indie, covering a vast number of Metal sub-genres. The show includes songs from: WARLOCK, GIRLSCHOOL, PHANTOM BLUE, JOAN JETT, THE PLASMATICS, L7, LANDMINE MARATHON, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, WINDS OF PLAGUE, ELUVEITE, THE DONNAS, BLOODSHOTEYE, THE LETTER BLACK, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, DOMENICA, and RUSTY EYE. I dunno…would “Horns Up” be a euphemism this time?