Über Röck UK. 13 Days Of Halloween. “Miss Randall” interview

Written by Gaz E

rustyh13thumbDay 10 of Über Röck’s 13 Days Of Halloween and it’s time to unleash our second ladykiller. Miss Randall not only sings and plays drums in terror-fuelled thrash ‘n’ roll outfit Rusty Eye, she also knows her shit when it comes to horror movies, but I guess that’s obvious when you get someone like Claudio Simonetti from the legendary Goblin to guest on your latest album. If you love metal and you love horror then you are about to find your next (bad) dream woman……


Formed in the mid 90s in Mexico City by bassist Mr. Rust, Rusty Eye mutated into the form by which we now know them with the permanent recruitment of drummer and vocalist Miss Randall. A former World’s Fastest Drummer finalist, Miss Randall joined a band whose back catalogue was soaked in references to the world of horror movies. Their latest album, ‘Possessor’, was no different with song titles including ‘Day Of The Dead’, ‘Mondo Cane’ and ‘At The House By The Cemetery’ and a guest appearance by Italian horror film composer Claudio Simonetti, famed for his work with the legendary Goblin.

I kept in touch with Miss Randall after reviewing ‘Possessor’ (which also featured a guest appearance from Circus Of Power frontman Alex Mitchell and awesome cover art from iconic Motorhead illustrator Joe Petagno) and she was one of the first names on my hitlist when it came to recruiting for Über Röck’s 13 Days Of Halloween – she didn’t disappoint…….

What are your most vivid childhood memories of Halloween?
I grew up in Mexico City where we celebrated Halloween and also the Day of the Dead. I loved being Cat Woman, I even repeated the same three years in a row. My brother and I trick-or-treated within our own gated community, but there was a bigger one near us where our friends lived (more houses = more candy).


True story: there was an abandoned house that years before was supposedly owned by Satanic drug dealers (or “Narcosatánicos”). It was raided by the police, a body was found buried in the backyard next to a bunch of drugs, pentagrams all over the walls… the real deal. I never ventured to go in, but my brother did – the fearless little devil – and he “claimed” to have seen voodoo-ish shrines, and then some kind of weird mist started to float around him making him nauseous, so he fled for his life. Whether his story was true or not (probably not) it added spice to the Halloween festivities.
Why do you think that the worlds of horror and metal/punk have always been so closely linked?
Horror, punk and metal are musical worlds outside of what’s “mainstream” and goth rock counts here as well. I think mainly in the 80’s the whole thing kinda mixed together in films like Demons, Night Of The Demons, Black Roses, Trick Or Treat, Return Of The Living Dead and movies like that. Punk is fun, horror is fun and metal is fun… Let’s have a party!
What are your thoughts on the state of horror movies at the present time? With all the remakes and rehashes there doesn’t seem to be much original thought going on at present…..
I thought the Last House On The Left remake was quite good; I’m not too keen on Rob Zombie’s take on horror things, nor the Saw movies, nor The Last Exorcism. I’m not into the “trend” of fake documental films made with cheap camcorders and I’m DONE with vampires (Twatlight…). I like the new wave of French extremity: High Tension, Calvaire, Frontier(s), Inside, Martyrs… (I didn’t like Piranha that much). I highly recommend Gabriele Albanesi’s Il Bosco Fuori and House Of The Devil. To tell you the truth, I’m still waiting to be impressed.
Has there been a horror remake yet that has bettered the original movie?
Last House On The Left.rusty240use
John Carpenter’s Halloween or Rob Zombie’s Halloween?
John Carpenter!

Fast zombies or slow zombies?
Slow, grimy, old and decayed… a la Knight Templars of the The Blind Dead series or Fulci’s Zombi 2.

What’s the greatest ever horror movie kill?
One slow horrible painful death appears in Witchery by Joe D’Amato (starring The Hoffman/Linda Blair) when the poor lady gets stuck in the chimney and gets burnt slowly by her relatives as they light a fire (her lips are sewn, so she can’t even scream that she’s there!).

Who is the baddest ever horror movie villain…and why?
It’s a tough one. Frank Zito of Maniac is probably the scariest. Other creepy ones are: Abel Ferrara in Driller Killer, Saverio Vallone in Antropophagus and Michael Rooker in Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.
Who is the greatest ever Scream Queen?randall2402
Daria Nicolodi.
Name your Top 5 favourite horror movies of all time…and tell us why!!
The Beyond : One epic journey into the underworld, zombies, evil priests… Fulci lives.
Faces Of Death : Let’s face it, whether it’s real or not, it’s damn creepy. This film is great thing to show to some newbie who’s looking for the next big thrill. Fun fact: Rusty Eye’s ‘Cryonic Suspension’ song was inspired by the segment explaining the cryogenics process.
Suspiria : I know, I know… Everyone quotes this one. I personally understand Dario Argento’s overall work and everything is pretty much to my liking. I just think Suspiria makes me cringe every time and Goblin paired to it, rounds it all up.
Tombs Of The Blind Dead : It’s hard to explain why this movie rules so much … must be the concept of the Knight Templars coming to get you. I don’t know.

Phantasm : This film is such a jewel, I can see it countless times and the Tall Man still scares the hell out of me.
What underrated horror movie would you recommend to our readers just in case they have never seen it?
L’altro Inferno, Buio Omega, Shock, The Bed That Eats, Don’t Go In the House, Mill Of The Stone Women, Der Todesking (The Death King), Dust Devil, Deathdream, Night Of The Creeps…  oh so many!
What ‘star’ of the music world would you like to see slaughtered in gory horror movie style? How and why?
Fergie. Damn, that already happened in Planet Terror… Let’s kill her again, shall we?
What are your plans for Halloween this year?
Something wild will come up. Everyday is Halloween in my world though.

Photo kudos to Gene Kirkland & Charles Steffens