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Rusty Eye

Providing our dose of compulsory heavy metal (or, more specifically, horror heavy metal!) this month are LA based Rusty Eye.

Being very easy to please people here at Voltcase, we like our metal, we like our horror, and we like anyone who listens to Motorhead and drinks Jagermeister, so Rusty Eye must be OK in our book!
Anyway, check out the interview below, check out the pics, and, if you still want more, go and visit Rusty Eye online just here. And dont forget to tell them Voltcase sent you….

How are you? And where did that band name come from?
Hello. I’m quite good, thanks for asking.
Rusty Eye was coined by Mr. Rust (founder, bassist and vocalist in the band). It symbolizes the shedding of perceptual rust, decay and blindness creating a new order of things (artistically speaking) – a new alternative “wave” of heavy metal music.

If you were talking to a stranger, how would you describe yourself in three words:
Energetic, Fast, Entertaining *(if you are talking about the music)
Progressive, Punk, Metal *(if you are talking about style of the band).

A lot of your influences, such as the mighty Motorhead, are British – any plans on playing in the UK at any point?
The band would love to tour the UK, budget permitting of course. Rusty Eye could fit in the UK and European metal community in general, because the band’s influences are mostly of European decent. Touring with Motorhead or Iron Maiden would fit like a glove to Rusty Eye (and so has said the press!). We just hope one day it comes true.

You describe your sound as ‘Heavy Metal with a touch of Horror’. Horror is very important to us here at Voltcase, in what way has horror influenced your music?
Horror movies help us stimulate our creative process in order to make our vision tangible. We are huge fans of horror, foreign and “exploitation” movies. Names that could ring a bell are: Argento, Bava, Fulci, Lenzi, Coscarelli, Miike, Tarantino, Carpenter and Rodriguez. These movies have one thing in common: their music soundtracks. Bands such as “Goblin” have influenced our music very much. Also our lyrical content has a lot of horror imagery yet, metaphorically speaking, the true meaning could be something else. For example, our song “Zombie” could be about a life-less walking corpse but also, about nowadays “ready-made” 9-to-5 zombies who lead a life-less uneventful mechanical life.

Talking about horror, what’s the greatest horror film of all time?
“Buio Omega” by Joe D’amato.

Who (or what) are your biggest influences? Any bands that we might not have heard of that you think we should check out?
Biggest influences could be Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Misfits, Celtic Frost, Rush, Goblin. Some rare bands we are into are: Focus, Celestial Season, Kyuss, Ratos de Porao, Tiamat, Samael.

You seem to have played / released quite a bit around South America. Have you got a favourite county around there? Least favourite?
Unfortunately we haven’t been able to hit a lot of South American countries, yet we seem to have a lot of reviews and press down there for some reason. When the time comes, we would definitely like to play countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. We don’t mind any difficulties that may arise. Their crowds truly appreciate heavy metal and that’s priceless.

Have you got any shocking Spinal Tap style tour stories that you want to share with us?
The band once performed in a college music festival down in Mexico City. By the end of this set, Mr. Rust set fire to a guitar and smashed it. The crowd just went nuts. These sort of events are now prohibited in this school since that day… We believe it’s really funny!

Tell us more about this ‘World’s Fastest Drummer Competition’ thing?
(answered by Miss Randall)
Basically every year NAMM has a series of events, and the World’s Fastest Drummer competition is one of them (it is also associated with the Guinness World Records). What I did is jumping on a drum kit and with a special “drumometer” that is already set up, they count how many strokes per second you play either with your hands or feet. I went for the feet and scored 728 double kick strokes in one minute. After that, I was called for the Finals session. Unfortunately I didn’t surpass this score… but hope next year I will with the proper training!

Alcoholic tipple of choice?
Jagermeister or Jack n’ Coke.

Why should the lazy general public make the effort to check you out?
I think that the public in general would enjoy it because it’s honest and different. It really doesn’t sound like anything out there. The music has a lot of depth and meaning, also has an important number of previous material (for all of those serious music collectors out there).

And finally….. what does the word ‘Voltcase’ mean to you?
Well I think volts measure the potential difference of energy and a case puts it together in a “package” so I guess Voltcase is a site that measures, stores and files energetic music, I think (?) 🙂