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Rusty Eye

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For the full lowdown on LA based Rusty Eye, check out their feature here. And, as regular Voltcase readers know, we only give features to the bands we like, which means that Rusty Eye must be, by default, amazing!

Rusty Eye describe themselves as horror heavy metal and, to be fair, that’s not a bad description. Bordering more on punk than metal most of the time, this is horror rock in a “what if Mike Patton joined the Murederdolls?” (or “what if Sonic Youth turned nasty?”) kind of a way.

Sticking with the Mike Patton comparison for a minute, the songs also contain little Mr Bungle light hearted novelty widdly bits throughout, adding great variation to the songs and stopping them from getting bogged down with repetition. And going back to the Sonic Youth comparison, having twin vocals, including a voice very reminiscent of Kim Gordon, helps differentiate Rusty Eye from some of the other Misfits-wannabe horrorcore bands out there at the moment.

The punkiness of the songs seems to be down to the overall production and sound of the guitar/s, which come across as very 80’s punk / Dead Kennedys like. Which, from my point of view, is great – I think every band should have a guitar sound like the Dead Kennedys! But, for a band who claim to be ‘metal’, I can only assume that the recordings were supposed to sound a lot chunkier, something which hasn’t quite been achieved and something that might turn off the more extreme metal fan.

Overall – we like Rusty Eye, a lot, and so should you. Check them out now. Now. Plus, they get track of the month this month as well. Lucky them.

(Finally, and heroes one for the geek’s out there – how much does the verse riff fro ‘Cryonic Suspension’ sound like ‘Teenage Kicks’? Trust me, its in there…..!)

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