Zillo Musikmagazin Germany. “Possessor Review”

Translated by Walter Scheurer

November 2009

Hollywood strikes back! Three-piece RUSTY EYE serves a unique and entertaining mixture of dirty, but progressive parts, bone-crushing Thrash, some kind of exhumed IRON MAIDEN-reminiscences, an urn full of BLACK SABBATH, a portion of Black Metal and a bit of Horror-Punk. For sure it ain’t easy to cook those ingredients to reach a digestible meal, especially if the taste of this should not only be wild, but also seductive.

RUSTY EYE have easily been able to do this and beside that, the band features a visually, vocal and for sure well drumming lady behind the drum-kit, who’s able to accentuate all the songs. Also featured are Italian Horror-Score-Legend Claudio Simonetti (Goblin) and Waldemar Sorychta (ex-Grip Inc.), what makes the whole thing round, as well as (MOTÖRHEAD-famed) illustrator Joe Petagno’s artwork.

These guys seem to be really targeted and seem to know how to reach their aims. It’s about time for any label to get this band signed! Until then you’d better take a trip to “At The House By The Cemetary”, to get to the bottom of “Sonmnambulist Possession” of “Mondo Cane” and for sure of Mr. Rust, Baron Murtland and Miss Randall.